11 Signs That You Might Be Experiencing High-Functioning Depression (Yes, It’s A Real Thing)

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The Unique Risks to Being Someone With High-Functioning Depression

Mental health struggles come in all shapes and sizes, but as we undo the stigmatization and globalization of mental health scripted over these past few decades, most of us likely still have an unconscious image in our heads of what a depressed personlooks like.

And while this internalized image of someone who can’t get out of bed, who can’t hold down a job, and who has constant suicidal ideations may be one form of depression, it doesn’t mean that someone who sees themselves in the list above or in the clinical descriptor of dysthymia isn’t also dealing with depression.

But these folks may not be willing to see themselves as depressed. And this can be a big problem, because in my clinical opinion, there’s a unique set of risks to being someone with high-functioning depression.

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